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Effective nutraceuticals from Austria

We are passionate about health and longevity because we want to extend our own healthy lifespan. For many years we have been observing the progress of longevity research and keeping an eye on developments in the nutraceuticals market.

Just a few years ago we would not have dreamed that something like a significant life extension would be possible during our lifetimes. In the meantime, progress is within reach. But we also realize that we have to do something to significantly increase our chances of benefiting from this revolution. Therefore, in addition to lifestyle topics, we also began to deal with substances that, as drugs or nutraceuticals, can have positive effects on our aging process.

The way to in-house production

We quickly realized that the food supplements industry does not always have the wellbeing of people in mind: information is incomplete, excessively exaggerated or simply wrong. Even apparently reputable suppliers often have individual products on offer that unfortunately do not optimally support health in terms of composition, quantities and bioavailability.

We spent countless hours researching supplements so we knew exactly what we wanted. This gave rise to the idea: if we want to have the best nutritional supplements - in terms of composition, quality of raw materials, dosage and bioavailability - we have to produce them ourselves.

Success through teamwork

It was also clear to us that we didn't have to do it alone. Expert advice and support is required to produce the most effective longevity supplements. After all, we didn't want to make the same mistakes as the majority of vendors out there.

We solve this problem by entering into cooperation with responsible partners and consultants in order to give our customers the assurance that each of our preparations is the right choice for them.

Our Guarantee

Lab Tested

We test every batch of every product by an independent lab for maximum safety.

Science Based

We conduct research and create effective nutraceuticals based on scientific principles.


Our nutraceuticals are informed by the
latest scientific

Clean Label

We select only the best raw materials and avoid unnecessary ingredients at all costs.


DNA protection for your agile and long life

We should all pay special attention to protecting our DNA in everyday life. Diet, stress, too little sleep, the environment, solar radiation, chemicals that we apply to the skin or use in everyday life. These put a strain on our DNA and its repair mechanisms. Taking any vitamins does not help.

That is why we advocate a holistic concept: healthy eating, fasting, sport and an overall balanced lifestyle.

The Team

Who are we?

We are entrepreneurs and longevity enthusiasts from Austria. We actively conduct secondary research looking for new insights into longevity research to develop effective nutraceuticals.

We are fascinated by what can be achieved when you make the right lifestyle choices. We experiment with various forms of nutrition as well as exercise, interval fasting and other forms of self-optimization. We actively train in various disciplines, from nutritional sciences to biochemistry to molecular biology and genetics.


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