The Longevity Formula: Diet, interval fasting, exercise Antioxidants, Senolytics & NAD Boosters

Extend your healthy lifespan. Explore our knowledge area and learn about the Longevity formula.

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Can you stay young forever? Work with your body Against the causes of aging

Study-based and tested formulas, bioavailable for maximum absorption. Packaged in an environmentally conscious manner, climate-neutral shipping.

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Longevity Supplements packed with bioavailable active ingredients developed in Austria

Longevity Supplements: Uthever NMN, Trans-Resveratrol, Collagen, Fisetin.
Actively protect cells and regenerate DNA, slow down aging processes

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Lab Tested
Study based
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Study-based nutraceuticals with the potential to extend
healthy lifespan

Why do we age?

And how do you slow down this process? Science has agreed on nine causes that are responsible for aging (the hallmarks of aging). In the knowledge area you will learn how to extend your life span in a healthy way.

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Our concept

Isolated ingredients from the lab are not enough for us. The
body cannot optimally process all forms of a supplement. Our nutraceuticals are designed so that the body can absorb the building blocks in maximum concentration.

the longevitools philosophy

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